“[Riddle] What are the only two states without self-serve gas stations?”

1. Florida and Vermont

2. Vermont and New Jersey

3. New Jersey and Oregon

4. Oregon and Washington

What are the only two states without self-serve gas stations?

New Jersey and Oregon – Need to fuel up in New Jersey or Oregon? Before you self-serve, you’d better pump the brakes. These are the only two states with a ban on self-service gas. In the early years of the automobile, full-service gas stations were the norm, as it was believed to be dangerous for customers to fuel up themselves. While these laws were repealed over time in 48 of the states, Oregon and New Jersey were the lone hold-outs. But there are some caveats with Oregon’s laws: The state issued an amendment in 2018 that customers can pump their own gas at stand-alone gas stations in low populated counties of 40,000 residents or less. However, everywhere else in the state, self-service continues to be banned. So why not sit back and let someone else fill up the tank?:

“[Riddle] What are the only two states without self-serve gas stations?”

Why can’t you live in a state where people do work for you? How can you be lazy, if you don’t have the cornerstone of all laziness? Why do YOU have to pump YOUR gas? These are questions that any logical – and lethargic – person would ask themselves. That’s why we’ve compiled the most extensive list of states and cities that will pump your gas for you. These are the last remaining U.S. locations that understand your mission to be carelessly lackadaisical.

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