A Report on Yellow Line Campaign

We organised Yellow Line Campaign in collaboration with UP Voluntary Association in Lucknow. Educational institution, health facilities, government offices were selected for the campaign. The objective of the campaign was to create awareness among the students and the society regarding the health hazards from the use of tobacco. COTPA (Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Product Act) 2003 clause 6(B) states that the tobacco products are prohibited to sold within the circle of 100 yards (91 metres) of educational institutions. The campaign’s motive was to declare the premises as a free tobacco zone. With the help of the school, colleges, offices, health facilities authorities, the organisation was able to make the campaign successful and to support the cause, numerous people participated from the school, colleges, offices, hospitals etc and drew a yellow line as a sign of tobacco free zone. The students and people of the society took an initiative to come forward to take an oath for making their surrounding healthy and tobacco free.

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